Use A Home Energy Monitor to Calculate your Electricity Use

Use A Home Energy Monitor to Calculate your Electricity Use

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Home Energy Monitor with optional software

A HOME Energy Monitor displays real time feedback on electricity usage. It is a useful tool for properties along the Costa Blanca on low tariffs (i.e. 3.3 kW) that need to monitor power consumption to avoid tripping off the electricity supply. An in-built alarm can be set to warn against overloading.

Using a home energy monitor can save you money on your electricity bill by helping you understand how much energy you are using, how much that energy is costing you, and which appliances use the most energy.

Not to be confused with a Smart Meter, these are portable household devices used for displaying energy usage and cost, as well as CO² emissions.

Used together with optional on line monitoring software, home electricity information can be viewed in real time on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Energy monitoring systems can provide an array of historical information for tracking energy consumption. This produces several benefits including viewing how much you have spent on electricity over a specified period and the ability to set a budget on how much you want to spend.

Efergy is a global leader in the manufacturing of energy monitoring systems having sold over 800k energy monitors and 250k energy saving products in over 50 countries. There range of energy monitor products are designed to make it easy for any home or small business owner to quickly and effectively reduce their use of electrical energy.

According to Gavin Munro, Communications Manager at Efergy Technologies, “Spain is one of our biggest markets, people are very aware of power consumption. We have performed surveys and had our products vetted independently, and an accurate figure on how much the user saves is 17%. The units themselves don’t save any money, but they encourage behavioral change through awareness. Our customers tend to look at their displays around 5 times a day…it becomes a habit, a bit like checking email! Through this constant monitoring people very quickly figure out their consumption behavior and where to make positive changes to reduce waste consumption.”

In 2009 a European Commission recognised the company for its innovative contribution to a successful domestic energy-saving campaign in Sabadell in northern Spain achieving an average monthly saving in households of 14.3%.

Though ultimately it depends on you actively changing your bad habits, a Home Energy Monitor system provides you with all the tools needed to do just that.

Check out the full range of energy saving products at

A Home Energy Monitor can help avoid power cuts caused by having too many powerful appliances switched on at the same time 

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