Scientists quash health concerns over Smart Meters

Scientists quash health concerns over Smart Meters

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FINALLY… some scientists are speaking out to say smart meters are safe.

“After years of pseudo-science bombardment by the tin foil hat crowd, we are finally seeing real scientists step up to address the issue of smart meter safety” according to Jesse Berst, Chief Analyst and founder of Smart Grid News.

“Some sane people are being sucked into an anti-smart meter movement that is without foundation, according to,” explains Mr. Berst, “it compares the pseudo-science to astrology, young-earth creationism, alien abduction and pyramid power. In the US, an organization known as Stop Smart Meters claims to be “fighting for our health, privacy, and safety.” Similar organizations have sprung up in Canada and Australia, and interest is spreading worldwide. In one county in California, county officials have criminalized smart meters, citing “health effects” of their usage.”

An American news channel YouTube video shows a Texas woman pulling a gun to prevent a smart meter being fitted to her home.

The Alliance for Natural Health Europe claims that smart meters are a “major source of public health concern” and documented health problems associated with smart meters include: heart palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, inability to concentrate, memory loss, fainting spells, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, memory loss and an increased risk of cancer… caused by what alleged sufferers refer to as “electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

The real science is that smart meters only transmit data for roughly 1.4 seconds per day, at very low wattage. According to B.C. Hydro, “Exposure to radio frequency during a 20 year life span of a smart meter is equivalent to the exposure during a single 30 minute cell phone call.”

“So what are the scientific facts here?” ask authors David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein. In short, the health risk to radiation by smart meters is hundreds or thousands of times less than that of cell phone usage, which in turn is so small as to be barely measurable.

By and large there has been little opposition reported in the Spanish media about smart meters being installed by utility companies, so the majority of people appear to be ignorant about the controversy and some don’t even know what a smart meter is.

Every home in Spain will have a smart meter fitted by the end of 2018 as part of binding EU legislation to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption and CO² emissions by 20% by the end of the decade. It’s known as the “20-20-20.”.

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