Iberdrola foils illegal upgrades with new Smart Meters

Iberdrola foils illegal upgrades with new Smart Meters

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As the temperature rises during the hot Spanish summer months the air con gets cranked up and power consumption increases. This can cause power cuts for property owners who have illegally upgraded their electricity supply.

Why? Iberdrola are replacing all the traditional mechanical meters with Smart Meters. These new digital meters are fitted with a kill switch (ICP) which trips the electricity supply when you exceed your contracted power.

In the past consumers were able to illegally bypass or remove the ICP to draw extra power without informing Iberdrola. The introduction of the automatic ICP fitted within the Smart Meter has foiled this fraudulent practice.

To upgrade the power, Iberdrola require a new Boletin (electrical installation certificate) in accordance with the Spanish Electrical Regulations. The Boletin stipulates the maximum permissible power capacity and ensures the quality and condition of the installation. Every electrical installation connected to Iberdrola has a Boletin.

Sparks Electrical Services can guide you through the upgrade process and carry out all the necessary work. We can even deal with Iberdrola on your behalf.

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