Sun Tax to be removed in 100 days from Spain forming new government

Sun Tax to be removed in 100 days from Spain forming new government

By on Mar 14, 2016 in Renewable Energy | 0 comments

IT ALL went quiet on the “sun tax” front.

Sparks had been closely following the highly controversial story and blogging on the situation since October 2013.

My “breaking news” article “Spain Plans To Tax The Sun” even sent one local solar panel installer into panic mode resulting in lost advertising for an established local newspaper who reprinted my articles.

Now, just recently, reports that the Royal Decree approving the new solar energy tax could soon be abolished.

However, if the Royal Decree is not removed before 10th April, owners of existing installations will have to make costly adaptations such as including a meter and connecting to the grid. This is because Spain has not formed a government since the general election last year, and a government still needs to be formed before it can take effect.

The entire situation has been a fiasco from start to finish causing mass instability and bankruptcy right throughout Spain’s solar industry including the pending foreclosure of Spain’s largest corporate failure, solar giant Abengoa.

Read the full story on here.

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