ECOMBI – Discover the Smartest Heating System and save on running costs

ECOMBI – Discover the Smartest Heating System and save on running costs

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ECOMBI IS the new efficient heating system that controls both electricity consumption and optimises heat management. It is the most economical electric heating system available in the market place.

The arrival of eCombi is a real revolution in traditional heating systems.  It optimises control of running costs, while providing maximum comfort. An eCombi heating system adapts to your daily needs whatever the weather.

Night storage central heating is the most cost effective way to keep your property warm all day every day. When used in conjunction with Iberdrola’s PVPC Tariff you basically get to heat your home at half the cost of any other system.

But eCombi does more!

5 different operating modes to choose from:

Frost Protection – keeps the chill off the property if you are away from home for a period of time.

Storage – use as a traditional storage heater.

Convector – in the event in a sudden drop in temperature and your storage heating is switched off, you can quickly warm up your home using the convector.

Combined Storage Mode – your eCombi will act as a traditional storage heater backed up by the convector.

Automatic eCombi Mode – This is the very essence of the eCombi heating system. This option allows eCombi to run in a combined mode with the added advantage of automatically correcting the energy charging. It only charges during the off-peak tariff. If extra heating is needed, the convector will be activated to heat the room as required.

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Compared to other forms of central heating it is cheaper to install, costs nothing to maintain and most importantly is cheaper to run. For the lady of the house, the heaters are nice and neat to look at with no ugly pipework, flue, or cables. With 5 different sizes available there will be an eCombi to fulfil your heating requirements.

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Find out more about the eCombi system in this short video >>>

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