Iberdrola’s Night Plan offers big savings on your electricity bill

Iberdrola’s Night Plan offers big savings on your electricity bill

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THE IBERDROLA Night Plan (aka Day and Night Energy) is a similar electricity tariff to Economy 7, commonly used in the UK. It provides cheap electricity during the off-peak time of day. However, the savings are much better here on the Costa Blanca.


The Night Plan offers over 50% off the standard rate for a unit of electricity for 14 hours every day. Love or hate Iberdola, that’s a generous offer!


The currently offer is for 6 cents per unit (kilo-watt hour) for the cheap “Night” rate and 14 cents for the peak rate. Many Iberdrola customers pay more than 14 cents on the standard rate. So check your electricity bill to compare the prices, even if you are currently a “Day & Night” user.


Changing your electricity contract from the standard plan to the Iberdrola Night Plan is the number one way to save energy and lower your electricity bill. 


The cheap rate period during winter is from 10:00 pm (22:00) to 12:00 noon the following day. During summer time it moves one hour forward from 11:00 pm (23:00) to 1:00 pm (13:00). This 14 hour window is the best period during to use your most powerful electrical appliances, since the running cost is cheapest.


As a guide to what savings to expect with the Night Plan, using your appliances wisely can see 60 – 70% of your electricity being consumed during the cheap rate period. The more appliances that you can revert to use during the 14-hour cheap rate period, the more money you will save. This can easily be checked on your electricity bill under “Consumption and Billing”.


To help calculate your electricity consumption, try using is a Home Energy Monitor.


Beware… what they don’t tell you at the Iberdrola point … avoid the unnecessary Iberdrola insurance add-ons like the “Home Plan” and “Emergency Electrical Services”.  They sneak them on without telling you and are services you will likely never use. Check your contract carefully before you sign it.


Bottom Line: Iberdrola’s Night Plan will provide you with the cheapest electricity bill.


Contact us if you need help to change over to an Iberdrola Night Plan and remember that you need to renew it every 12 months to continue receiving the best available rates.


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