What is involved?


CONTACT US to arrange an appointment with our architect for a survey. Our architect is a fully authorised EEC assessor.

The survey involves an assessment of the type and age of the property, building materials that are used, windows and insulation. The energy efficiency of the building is then assessed taking into account the energy consumption considered necessary to meet the energy demand of the building under normal conditions, which includes the energy consumed in heating, refrigeration, ventilation, lighting and the production of hot water.

Documents required – the architect will need; 1). to see the Escritura (the deeds to the property) or Copia Simpla; 2). to see a SUMA bill for the Referencia Catastral (reference number of the Catastro); 3). a copy of the NIE certificate of the property owner to register the EEC.

Once the survey is complete it takes a few days to produce the certificate and register it with AVEN (Agencia Valenciana de la Energía), the agency responsible for Certificado de Eficiencia Energética inspection and control in the region of Valencia. Each Autonomous Region has its own agency.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate should be obtained by the owner before the property is marketed or advertised, as defined in the articles of the Royal Decree, “The label (graph) will be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or lease of the building or building unit. The label should always appear, clearly and unequivocally”.

Policing the EEC falls to the Autonomous Regions. Failure to obtain an EEC is an offense under consumer protection law and is punishable according to the General Law on Protection of Consumers and Users and statutory rules.