Iberdrola Problems

Common problems ex-pats have with Iberdrola.

I have a billing issue?

I NEED help, we can act on your behalf.

We will need:

• A letter of authorisation (we have one prepared, it just needs signing)

• A copy of your photo ID in your passport

Contact us with an explanation of the problem together, along with any correspondence received from Iberdrola, plus a copy of both sides of your electricity bill.

I need a boletin?

BOLETIN is an electrical installation certificate for low voltage, or Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica de baja tension, most commonly referred to simply as a boletin in Spain.

It is an official document certifying the installation complies with the Spanish electrical regulations (REBT-2002). It stipulates the maximum permissible power capacity and ensures the quality and condition of the installation.

Contact us and we will happily arrange one.

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I need an upgrade?

TO UPGRADE an electricity power supply Iberdrola require a new boletin.

The first step is to arrange an upgrade survey to assess the condition of the electrical installation.

The survey involves testing and inspection to check it complies with the Spanish electrical regulations. A report is produced with details of any improvement work required, if any. Once the work has been completed a new boletin can be arranged.

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My bills are suspiciously high?

ONE OF the most common Iberdrola problems we deal with are concerns about high electricity bills. To address the matter it is necessary to calculate your electricity usage as well as check for suspicious illegal tapping. For this service we recommend a home energy audit.

The service includes:

• A check of the meter cupboard and consumer unit

• A review of your electricity bills and tariff

• Set up home energy monitoring (if required)

Contact us to arrange an appointment if you need help to check your electricity bill and usage.

I have been cut off?

MAY BE you forgot to pay the electricity bill, maybe your bank did not pay the direct debit, or perhaps you haven’t got a clue why you have been cut off. Whatever the reason, Sparks can help you get reconnected.

The first thing to do is to ensure that any outstanding debt on the account is cleared, then we can begin the re-connection process.

Contact us if you need help getting your electricity supply reconnected.