ICP Explained

An ICP is a kill switch for controlling the electricity supply in your property. ICP stands for Interrupter de Control de Potencia, or in English, a Power Control Switch (PCS). It limits the amount of electricity according to the contracted power supply.
The ICP is housed in your Smart Meter in the meter cupboard
Royal Decree 1454/2005 and the order ITC 1559/2010 declared it mandatory that all domestic installations less than 15 kW must have a device for controlling the contracted power. That means an ICP must be fitted.
Every property in Spain will have a Smart Meter by the end of 2018.

What is my contracted power supply?

This is the electricity tariff that you signed up for with Iberdrola when you moved into your property. The amount of power is stated on your electricity contract and electricity bill, and is found next to “Potencia Contratada” stated in kilowatts (kW). Generally a domestic dwelling requires a minimum of 5.75 kW (5750 Watts) in order to avoid overloading problems.

Do I have access to my ICP?

The ICP is incorporated in your Smart Meter housed in the meter cupboard.

What are the implications of an ICP?

A possible consequence of an ICP is that you discover you have an insufficient amount of power to operate powerful electrical appliances. This is typical for properties on a 3.3 kW contracted supply. It is evident when several appliances are switched on at the same time and the ICP trips out the electrical supply causing a power cut. The solution is to upgrade your electricity supply.

How do I reset my ICP if I trip out the electricity supply?

There are two ways to restore the power after an overload depending on the type of Smart Meter fitted. One type has a reset button on the meter, whilst other types can be reset by switching off the main switch at the consumer unit, waiting 10 seconds, then switching it back on.

Smart Meters are the future!

Iberdrola is currently undertaking an ambitious programme to replace every traditional electricity meter with a Smart Meter by the end of 2018. It is called the STAR Project and will connect everybody to a Smart Grid by the end of 2020. Smart Meters ensure the malpractice of illegal upgrading is no longer possible and a thing of the past.