Power Cuts caused by Smart Meters


A CONSEQUENCE of having a Smart Meter fitted is that you may experience power cuts when too many powerful appliances are switched on together.

Smart Meters are fitted with a kill switch called an ICP (aka Power Control Switch). It limits your energy consumption to the maximum amount of power that you are contracted for.

The contracted power supply (potencia contratada) is stated on your electricity contract and electricity bill in kilowatts (kW). It’s the amount that you signed up for with Iberdrola when you moved in to the property.

The reason you are experiencing power cuts is because you are not contracted for a sufficient amount of electrical power.

Why did this not happen with the old meter?

Prior to Smart Meters being fitted it was possible to illegally draw additional power from the old traditional electricity meters. Someone in the past had either upgraded the main switch or by-passed the ICP to prevented tripping out. Now, you’re back to square one before someone tampered with the ICP.

The course of action is to obtain a boletin (electrical installation certificate) in order to arrange a legitimate upgrade with Iberdrola.

Contact us and we will happily guide you through the process.

Illegal upgrades are common in old properties. A boletin must be obtained for an authorised upgrade.