LED Lighting

SPARKS FIT interior and exterior LED light fittings, ceiling fans, garden lights and security lights.

LED Lighting


Lighting is undergoing a revolution that is changing the way we once looked at the traditional light bulb. With recent advances in LED technology, LED lamps can cut energy bills by 90% and these lamps often last 20 years or more and will probably be the last bulb you’ll ever buy for a light fitting. Ultimately they are kind to our environment reducing CO² emissions in our homes and power stations, plus saving the need for recycling. 

Energy efficient LED lighting should not be confused with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, the ‘Curly Pig Tail’ light bulb that has disappointed so many people with their slow start up time and poor level of light. Plus they look naff when they are in plain view sticking out of a light shade or table lamp.

See what LED lighting can do for you, if you are thinking about a makeover or redesign to the mood lighting for your home, contact us for some expert advice.

Fact: LED lighting is set to replace every light bulb in every home over the next decade.

Light Fittings Installed

IMG_0107WE RECOMMEND purchasing light fittings compatible with LED lamps. We can supply a wide array direct from our electrical wholesalers, or they can be purchased from one of the local lighting stores.

When considering lighting, check to find out whether you have a false ceiling in the room, this will enable you to fit recessed down lighters.

Ceiling roses are rarely fitted in Spanish homes, instead the cables are wired directly in to the light fittings, which are normally surface mounted.

Under-cabinet lighting for kitchen work tops is always useful for food preparation and looks very elegant. 

Always ensure that bathroom, shower room, and exterior light fittings have the correct IP rating.

Light fittings that are purchased in the UK will work perfectly with the Spanish electricity system, but remember that standard light bulbs purchased in Spain are Edison screw (ES), whilst those purchased in the UK are bayonet cap (BC). Some English stores in Spain sell UK type light bulbs.

However you obtain the light fittings, we can fit any quantity and type, surface and recessed mounted, inside and outside the property.

We also install garden and security lighting.

Warning: Lighting stores that offer a “buy and fit free” service do not employ electricians. Their fitters often perform sub-standard work cutting off earth wires and connecting cables without heat resistant sleeves

Ceiling Fans Fitted

Ceiling_fan_with_light1AIR CIRCULATION from a ceiling mounted rotary fan provides a welcome cool gentle breeze during the hot Spanish summers. Ceiling fans offer a very simple approach to energy saving rather than running air conditioning units.

Ceiling fans are generally supplied by the customer purchased from one of the local lighting stores. They are widely available and come fitted with 3 speeds, along with optional light fitting attachments and remote control facility.

We also install kitchen and bathroom extractor fans.

Handy Tip: Lamps are not usually included in the box when buying a ceiling fan