UPGRADING YOUR power supply is necessary when the electricity consistently trips off when too many powerful appliances are switched on at the same time. This indicates that you require an upgrade because you are not contracted for a sufficient amount of power to handle the power demand.

The amount of electricity in your property is controlled by a kill switch called an ICP (Interrupter de Control de Potencia). It is housed in your Smart Meter. The ICP limits the maximum amount of power you are allowed to use according to your contracted power supply (stated on your Iberdrola contract and electricity bill).

A consequence of having a Smart Meter is that you may experience power cuts when using powerful electrical appliances. This is a common situation for properties over 20 years old where the power supply is only for 3.3 kW, or less.

In the past, it was common practice for consumers to illegally upgrade their power supply by removing or by-passing their old manual ICP(M), Nowdays, with the introduction of Smart Meters that malpractice is no longer possible. Consumers with illegal upgrades will inevitably experience power cuts because of the kill switch housed in the Smart Meter.

The solution is to arrange a legitimate upgrade to the electricity supply.

In order for Iberdrola to authorise an upgrade, they will require a new boletin.

A boletin is an electrical installation certificate that stipulates the maximum permissible power capacity and ensures the quality and condition of the installation. Every installation connected to Iberdrola’s distribution network has one.

The initial step is to arrange a survey to assess the condition of the electrical installation. This involves an inspection to check if it complies with the current Spanish electrical regulations. A report is produced with details of any improvement work, if any, that is required. Once the installation complies, a new boletin can be issued.

For properties built since 2002 a boletin can usually be issued without the need for any improvement work. In the case of older properties some improvement work will be required. The extent of the improvement work will depend on the age of the installation.

A typical upgrade is an increase on the contracted power supply from 3.3 kW (3300 Watts) to 5.75 kW (5750 Watts). Your contracted power supply is stated on your electricity contract and the electricity bill next to “Potencia Contratada”.

5.75 kW is normally sufficient for a 2-3 bedroom property with the general array of electrical appliances.

Villas fitted with swimming pool heat exchangers, large air conditioning systems, or other heavy electrical loaded equipment may require additional power.

Properties with very powerful equipment may require a 3-phase power supply. Otherwise it is more cost effective to have a single-phase power supply.

Spanish properties built before 2002 were generally connected with a 3.3 kW contracted power supply as standard building practice. Very old properties, especially rural dwellings, were often only connected with only 2.2 kW, or less. These properties need to be upgraded, and in some cases rewired.

Bottom Line: You must have a valid boletin to get an upgrade

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